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Branding and promotion for their latest product, a new must have parenting gadget. As one of the top stroller companies in the UK, Babystyle UK needed a new identity for their new product. 

Client - BabyStyle UK

Service  -

App Design + Promotion



Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 23.43.04.png

For the brand name I chose the word tranquil. As this means when a place or your state of mind is peaceful, and thats the atmosphere the product is initially creating and this name resonate well with the brand values.

For the logo, I experimented with typography and manipulated the letters to give a aesthetic and luxury feel. I wanted this logo to give a must have product look.


App Design

For the app interfaces I rendered the product as this helps to bring the product to life. 

The 3D product also helps the user understand how it looks and works.

I thought about close up pictures of the product in different angles to give a luxury look.

I thought about a balance of white space and not having too much going on in one screen, so it is not overwhelming. As this product is to keep the baby and parent calm, I created a calm atmosphere throughout the app design, and to give the user a better experience. 


Packaging Design

Instead of a horizontal ordinary box.

I decided to go for a vertical standing box. 

Its different in terms of how it opens to. 

Unique packaging allows to give a luxury look and keep users curious.

Web Design

For the website design I kept it consistent with the 3D product, the colours and the calm atmosphere.

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