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A fast paced cafe in the city centre of Leicester, &KITH needed a fresh update for their brand. This included designing regular posters, leaflets, a new website and food photography.

Service  -

Web Design + Posters Menu  

+ Coffee Boards Photography 



BGR POST_edited.jpg
FRNCH TT POST_edited.jpg

poster design

&KITH menu
&KITH menu

menu design

As &KITH launched their new menu I had the chance to design menus for them sticking to their minimalistic brand style.

Web Design

The main goal for the website design was to solve &KITH's issue with event hire bookings. To solve this issue a website for information and bookings was implemented as well as a call to action on the landing page to also attract new customers to book at &KITH.

Coffee Board Design

Rotato Snapshot.png

The End

Hope you enjoyed! 

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